The Top 10 signs an executive business coach will add value to your life

Regardless of what stage your business is at, an executive business coach can partner you to progress faster than you would on your own. From providing a much-needed sounding board to expanding your awareness and evaluating your brilliant ideas, a coach can give you both the tools and perspective you need to go to where you want to go.

Based on our extensive experience, here are the top 10 signs that you need an executive coach.

1. Is it lonely at the top?

When you’re at the top, it's often hard to talk to people about your true concerns. Life partners, employees, peers and friends don't get it for different reasons. At the same time, there's a lot of noise in your head and around you. A coach can provide that confidential, quiet space to focus, be a soundboard and problem-solve the priorities and challenges you face.

2. You have brilliant ideas you want to turn into reality.

Coaches have one goal: to make your ideas a reality. Although you may have many brilliant ideas, sometimes it's hard to know where to start and what to tackle first. A coach will evaluate your plans, assess if they are realistic or will be successful and work with you to find a way that you can implement them correctly.

3. You want to make more money.

Simply put, a good coach will help you make more money. Every good coach, whether it be sports or business, has a process. Find your coach. Find your strategy. Then cash in. The reality is, a great life or career usually includes enough money, sometimes lots of it. One thing a great coach can do is help you get over any internal blocks you may have about making plenty of money. In fact, eliminating all sorts of internal blocks is one of the ways good coaches help their clients enjoy success of all kinds.

4. You want to hear objective feedback.

One valuable thing about having a business coach is that he or she will have no biases about your industry or company. This provides a great forum for unbiased feedback based on your concerns as a leader. Good business coaches can lead you to "aha!" moments and uncover solutions that people close to the business may overlook.

5. You're going through a big transition.

Change can be difficult, even when it's what you want. Anytime you go through a big transition such as taking your business to the next level, starting a new business division or career, getting divorced, moving to a new city, returning to study, etc.; it's a great time to have someone who believes in you and who can help you make the most crucial choices as smoothly as possible.

6. Your life, business, career, relationship, etc., is already good, but you know it could be much, much better.

Coaching isn't a crisis intervention. Nor is it a substitute for psychotherapy, or advice from a professional such as a lawyer, accountant, doctor, etc. If things are basically good, but you know they could be a lot better and you're ready for that to happen, it's a great time for you to hire a coach.

7. You're a high achiever.

High achievers tend to be driven and good at success, but they don't always create the success they really want. If you've ever wondered, "Is this all there is?", or "How did I get myself into this and how do I get out?", you could really benefit from working with a great coach. Everybody has a few blind spots. In fact, neuroscientists say we are unconscious of 95% of what goes on in our brains. Think about that! A good coach can see you as you are, without judgment, and help you be your best and achieve what you're built to do.

8. You want more meaning in your life.

"Meaning" is what makes your heart sing and gives you energy. It generally comes from doing what matters most to you. This gets much easier when you understand what you most value and find ways to express it. If life feels a little shallow, or you don't know why you do what you do anymore, you could really benefit from working with a coach.

9. You want to take better care of yourself.

Most of us are not bad at taking care of ourselves. That's fine if you want an average life. But people who accomplish great things often need to upgrade their lives tremendously before that's even possible. They need clearer boundaries, a physical environment that's supportive, to more organised, get enough rest, great stress management, and have people in their lives who "get" them and who are actively supportive. Otherwise, "death by a thousand cuts" will slice their dreams to shreds. Good coaches know how to assist their clients to get the wonderful self-care they need, to step into the lives they were built to live.

10. You're willing to invest in yourself.

This is about so much more than money. Are you prepared to take the time, effort, risk and yes, money, in order to have the life or business of your dreams? If you had the right coach in your corner, would you have the courage to step into your greatness?